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Transformers 2 comes to Taiwan

Transformers 2 came to Taiwan this past week. It started on Thursday, I believe, but we didn’t get a chance to see it until yesterday, Saturday. We tried reserving a few tickets, but were repeatedly shot down by the theaters: they were sold out or weren’t selling tickets over the phone. Finally, we had a friend go purchase tickets for us at a smaller theater in Taichung so that we could watch the movie. This turned out to be a rather good idea, because apparently Taiwanese people love horrible movies with lots of explosions. The line at this smaller theater was quite long:

Anyway, we watched the movie. If you’re expecting an oscar performance, I’d recommend staying at home. If you want to see Transformers, horrible kiddy humor, and lots of explosions, by all means get in line.

The Chinese version of the Transformers 2 poster

The Chinese version of the Transformers 2 poster

Also, in Chinese, the name for Transformers is 變形金剛 (biànxíng jīngāng). Biàn means “to transform or change” and xíng means shape. So biànxíng means “to transform.” JÄ«n is the world for gold or metal, and gāng means “hard, firm, or strong.” So jÄ«ngāng can be translated as hard metal. Put it all together and you’ve got Transforming Hard Metal or something to that effect.

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One thought on “Transformers 2 comes to Taiwan

  1. luuke

    My friend saw it and thought it wasn’t as good as the first movie.
    I myself have only seen parts of the original. However, I did have the pleasure of reading some of the reviews for Transformers 2. Some of them were really creative. Bad movies do have their uses, they generate the most amusing reviews!

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